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MENZGOLD GLOBAL MARKET Set To Launch An Online Global Market On November 5

Ghana’s popular gold hub, Menzgold Ghana is set to launch an online gold dore bars and collectibles buying and selling market platform, known as “MENZGOLD GLOBAL MARKET” on Monday November 5, 2018.

The platform, will see traders on the “Global Vault Market”– an offline gold market – that has been bedeviled by certain antecedents in the last two months, being migrated onto the global online market at a fee.

This is geared towards keeping their gold buying and selling business actively in session on the online, to forestall any payment impediments in the subsequent months.

Menzgold is assuring clients with outstanding extra values to migrate onto the online platform and pay later when fully settled.

It must also be noted that, clients who migrate onto the online platform earlier are sure to get their extra values earlier.

Traders, who earlier had requested a termination of their investment with Menzgold, can now change that to a “MIGRATION ORDER; while those with no outstanding extra value payments will have to pay the 5% online fee before the transaction would be successfully completed.

Outstanding or pending extra value payments due before the external interference in their business on the 12th September 2018, that are entitled to traders who wish to be migrated from the offline gold market to the online gold market, would also commence on the 9th November, 2018 through bank transfers to beneficiaries.

All customers are thereby advised to migrate online for smooth, enhanced transactions and continuous prompt payments.







source: https://zylofonmediaonline.com

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