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Having sex on the first date might not be that bad afterall

Contrary to popular female belief, many guys tend to admire and respect the girl who didn’t have an issue with having sex on the first day.
The truth is that sex on the first date doesn’t make a girl cheap or valueless as long as she was not manipulated into it.
On the first day or after one year, what will be will be.

Most times, it has even worked out well, that a girl had sex spontaneously and then made the dude wait forever for a second date.
She will command his attention anytime; because men tend to do anything, pay anything, wait years, just to have that irregularly fantastic experience.

Every guy wants to be an sugar daddy, being a girlfriend is now like a glorified booty call.
Most guys out there are starting relationships just for the sex and hype but the good news is that girlfriends of nowadays seem to already know all these.
Girlfriends are “woking” up to the truth that most boyfriends come for the face and body so fine and sexy girls and infact all girls have learnt to get stubborn, annoying, needy, hard to get and attention seeking all on purpose.

We have seen guys that were dragged through the 90 day rule. (The practice of making a new boyfriend wait for really long time before sex).
Through all the kissings, making outs, dry humpings and then telling him “it’s too early for sex” 😁
Apart from the painful blue balls, it’s very easy to pretend a gentleman therefore boyfriends of nowadays can wait patiently and supportive till you are ready and then he will finally hit it, hit it again, hard, harder, and then poof, disappear.

No matter how beautiful and nice a girl is, most boys will get frustrated waiting so long for the sex to happen. The only reason he is still checking up all nice and sweet on Whatsapp is because he is waiting to get one or two vengeance sex to recover his ego.
Any girl waiting for that romantic guy who isn’t interested in having sex in a relationship should stop waiting. You can’t be a worldly chick and be looking for God’s kind of love.

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