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Designer Biography: LAUREN HAUTE COUTURE

When it comes to Ghanaian fashion industry, the name Lauren Haute Couture stands out like a tall Iroko tree in a forest of shrubs. Such is the impact the pretty sexy young lady  who opened her fashion house, Lauren Haute Couture Clothing Company in the year 2017, with a view to globalizing the African fabric and designs so as to give rise to a proudly Ghanaian or African  look has made on the Ghanaian fashion industry.
 “Each day, we put on clothes that do more than just cover up bodies. We choose clothes that represent our personalities, our moods, the times we live in, our ambitions and our desires”.
since starting out in 2017, Lauren Obeng, who is  a fashion icon, brand owner and social influencer, and the CEO of a fashion label in Ghana, Lauren Haute Couture which is a fashionable force to be reckoned with not only in Ghanaian fashion scene but worldwide.
The label was founded in November 2017 in Accra. Lauren developed her love for fashion at an early age. Her motivation steamed from attending fashion shows in the U.K while studying there. Though she read Law she was gifted in being able to design clothes as a hobby and sometimes making them for functions.
Today Lauren has her fashion line which stands uniquely in creating and producing rich and vibrant bespoke gowns. She never fails to be captured at events for her Bespoke bold and exquisite style.
Her store is located at 16N, Airport Road, Airport West Accra.
Below are some of the style maven’s bespoke designs.

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